Welcome to Avail, your Personal, Intelligent Health Assistant

Avail recognizes changes in dimensions such as your mood, energy and stress and then connects you to personalized care resources when you need them.

24/7 care center

In collaboration with your organization, Avail has made accessing your care resources simple. Your Avail Care Center provides 24/7 access to best-in-class content, support staff, care providers, and tools to help you become your best you.

Well-being check-ins that work

Proactive care is the most effective way to manage your health, but monitoring your well-being can be challenging. Avail has worked with industry leaders to develop and provide you with well-being check-ins that work.

Ongoing personalization

As you complete check-ins, Avail gets to know you better and will personalize your experience. When Avail recognizes a potential issue, it will guide you toward care so that issues can be addressed early on.

Getting started

Next, we’ll create your account and complete your first well-being check-in. After that, Avail will do the heavy lifting and guide you every step of the way.