Bring meditation into your life in a few simple steps.
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Posted by Dr. Ayla Andrus N.D.
Last updated 1 month ago

Meditation, the purest and most effective form of mindfulness activity, involves relaxed attentiveness and observation of the mind. Although simple, meditation can be an incredibly challenging exercise for many to perform and is often viewed with misconceptions. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to provide context and purpose to your practice through understanding meditation and various techniques before you begin. Similar to going to the gym to improve your physical body, meditation is the training which helps to improve your how your mind functions. 

Some meditation techniques can involve faith, spirituality or mantras, the following instruction and context is a simple form of meditation which can be practiced by anyone, regardless of belief or religion.

  • Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place - this creates an optimal environment to meditate. Begin with closing your eyes to reduce external distractions and take a moment to breathe deep and check into your body. 

The mind will inevitably wander during meditation. The exercise is to observe when your mind has wandered and simply bring the mind back to breath or sensations in the present moment without reacting in any way. This

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