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Avail is a member engagement, productivity and well-being management solution.

We work with organizations to improve culture and productivity through member mental health and well-being training, healthcare resource curation, and HR insights.

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Happier, Healthier Members. Mission Accomplished.

Care Center

The Right Help, At The Right Time.

Provide your members with 24/7 online access to crisis support and a personalized collection of support tools and health care professionals. These resources can be further customized by integrating your organization's care network and resources.

Weekly Check-Ups

Action Oriented Insights

Avail's intuitive, one minute well-being check-ups help the members of your organization regularly reflect on their mental, physical and social health. Based on a member's unique responses, Avail's recommendation engine formulates a custom set of action items that directs them towards building new skills and resilience as well as seeking care when they need it.

Organizational Intelligence

Know What's Happening & Take Action

Avail provides analytics and insights to help you track behavior across your organization, understand well-being trends, and fine-tune your HR programs. Make meaningful change to policies and initiatives that your organization members will truly appreciate. Then, tangibly track your return on investment with real-time feedback and well-being analytics.

Socialization & Support

Reach Your Members

You see value in introducting a well-being solution, but are unsure of how to make it a success within your organization. That’s what we’re here for! Avail has decades of expertise in helping teams large and small understand what they can do to help their members thrive.

Create a Directory of Personalized <span class="text-primary"><br />Care Resources</span>

Create a Directory of Personalized
Care Resources

Avail makes it easy for members to discover the care providers available to them within their organization. Your care directory provides a simple way for members to get in touch with care providers through instant messaging and video chat.

Help Members Balance their <span class="text-primary"><br />Stress and Recovery</span>

Help Members Balance their
Stress and Recovery

Avail combines scientifically validated questionnaires with passive data to create a holistic picture of an individual's ability to balance stress with adequate recovery. Member answers are anonymous, even to us, so that they can feel secure answering honestly.

When Risk is Detected, Members are <span class="text-primary">Connected to Care Services</span>

When Risk is Detected, Members are Connected to Care Services

Utilize your care resources more effectively by allowing Avail to make personalized, timely, and automated recommendations to members when they need them most. Encouraging early intervention improves resource utilization, reduces long-term disability leave and promotes a healthier working population.

Ongoing Organizational <span class="text-primary"><br />Insight and Foresight</span>

Ongoing Organizational
Insight and Foresight

The Avail team is dedicated to working with you to refine and roll out your organizational implementation. Automated reports from Avail will provide you with new opportunities to optimize your care strategy, reduce overall expenses and improve the well-being of your members.

Avail is Always <span class="text-primary">Private, Confidential and Secure</span>

Avail is Always Private, Confidential and Secure

To ensure members feel secure and confident when using Avail, health data is never shared with Organization Administrators. Furthermore, Avail data is secured through the use of the latest internet security standards, including in-transit and at-rest encryption.

What Your Organization Can Expect


Traditional Engagement

Guaranteed 5x+ engagement as compared to traditional wellness programs.


Reduction in Stress

50%+ of members see stress levels return to "normal" after counselling.


Reduction in Days Off

Members who use counselling take an average of 25-50% less days off.

Risk Calculator

Outcomes And Return On Investment

30% of your organization is at risk of mental health challenges.
With 0 members this costs your organization $0 per year. With Avail, you could save $0 in just the first year.

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