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Your Organization's Mental Health Matters

Avail combines wellness tools with care resources and services to intelligently guide your members to personalized care solutions.
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30% of your organization is at risk of mental health issues. These issues currently cost your organization $0 per year. With Avail, you could save $0 in just the first year.

Select the number of members in your organization. If you have more than 10,000 members, please contact our sales team for enterprise opportunities.

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Create a Directory

Create A Directory Of Your Care Resources

Avail makes it easy for members to discover the care providers available to them within their organization. Your care directory provides a simple way to get in touch with care resources through instant messaging and video chat.

Collect Data

Help Members Balance Their Stress And Recovery

Avail combines scientifically validated questionnaires with passive data like location, weather and more to create a holistic picture of an individual's ability to balance stress with adequate recovery. Member answers are anonymous, even to us, so that they can feel secure answering honestly.

Improve Well-being

When Risk Is Detected, Connect Members To Care Services

Utilize your care resources more effectively by allowing Avail to make personalized, timely, and automated recommendations to members when they need them most. Encouraging early intervention improves resource utilization, reduces long-term disability leave and promotes a healthier working population.

An Intuitive Dashboard For Your Organization

Avail provides organizational admins with an intuitive dashboard that breaks down the mental health status of your active members. Our aggregated analytics help you understand how your organization is performing as a whole and what key stressors are most challenging for your members. To learn more book a demo today.

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High-level wellness for emergency physicians is essential for short term performance and for long term retention. Avail has the potential to optimize wellness for individuals and groups, delivering incredible value to the profession.

Jason Fisher MD
Director of Emergency Services
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Our team uses Avail to manage patient success before and after meeting with a patient. The platform has helped us refine and optimize the care we provide for our patients.

Ayla Andrus ND
CEO & Naturopathic Doctor at Oak Clinic
Happy Healthier

Develop A Happier, Healthier, More Productive Workforce

Empower your team to make confident decisions about their health by connecting them to the best care services available.

Privacy & Security

Give Members Control Over What Data They Share

Avail offers multiple levels of data sharing between members, care providers, and group administrators.

Full Access Groups provide administrators with access to group level analytics as well as access to each group member's Avail profile.

Anonymous Groups provide only group level statistics to you and your other group administrators.


Ongoing Optimization And Foresight

The Avail team is dedicated to working with you to refine and roll out your organizational implementation. Automated reports from Avail will provide you with new opportunities to optimize your care strategy, reduce overall expenses and improve the well-being of your members.

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If you or someone you know is in crisis, these resources can provide you with immediate help.