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Intelligent Health Assistant.

Avail monitors changes in your mood, energy, stress, sleep quality and more using digital check-ins. Avail then suggests personalized action plans and support resources to improve your well-being and help you be your best you.

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Become Your Best You With Avail

Digital Check-ins

Your Well Being Report

Use Avail's industry first, digital check-in to observe the many dimensions of your overall well-being. Avail identifies both potential areas of improvement and opportunities for personal growth.

Care Centre

24/7 Access to Care Resources

Anytime, online access to personalized support content, health professionals, your organization’s care network, and best-in-class crisis support.

Personalized Action Plan

Insights To Act On

As you complete check-ins, Avail learns about you and personalizes your experience. If Avail identifies a potential issue, it guides you towards the support care options most helpful to you, so you can address issues early, before they become a serious problem.

A New Way To <span class="text-primary">Self-reflect</span>

A New Way To Self-reflect

Better health starts with awareness. Avail will prompt you to complete regular check-ins that give you the opportunity to have a brief moment of self-reflection. By combining your answers with our passive data engine (i.e. weather, location), Avail will provide you with a powerful picture of your on-going mental health and well-being.

Ever Improving, Intelligent <span class="text-primary"><br />Care Recommendations</span>

Ever Improving, Intelligent
Care Recommendations

Using data from your check-ins, Avail intelligently recommends tangible steps for recovery and nudges you to make use of your health benefits and organization care services.

Secure, Private And <span class="text-primary">Compliant</span>

Secure, Private And Compliant

We take the privacy and security of your data very seriously. With an industry leading, HIPAA compliant infrastructure built on Amazon's Secure Cloud Network, Avail uses the latest data encryption technologies to ensure your data is always secure. Furthermore, when working with care providers, you have total control over what data they can see through our intuitive permission settings.

Your Care Centre

Better health starts with awareness and access. Your Avail Care Center provides you with recommended content, resources and tips that will help you manage and maintain your health and well-being. As you complete check-ins on Avail your recommendations will become more timely and personalized.


Group Care Services

Avail works with your organization to create a directory of internal care resources services. You'll know what is available and how to make use of them.

Articles, Video & More

Avail curates content from leading experts and delivers it to you when you need it.


Create a personalized support network with those you care about most.


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