Transparency, innovation and providing our users with real product value are the core drivers of the Avail Product Team. We've decided to document our releases here to ensure our users are always up to date with what we're working on.


An Improved Care Center Experience

In addition to a number of small tweaks, improvements, the Avail Care Center has gotten a minor redesign to make accessing care resources even easier on your mobile device. You can now go straight to your Avail Report, access care resources and more all right from the care center.

We’ve also fixed an important bug that blocked users from accessing video chat on our mobile application.


Fixes and Improvements

We’re always working to make Avail better, faster & stronger. In this release we’ve made a number of techy changes to the software to speed it up and make it more efficient.


Check-in How You Want

You can now pick the category you want to update when checking-in on Avail. Simply go to your dashboard and click the on the category name in the “Weekly Overview” section.


Check-in Improvements

Some users were leaving the check-in screen without saving their answers and as a result we’ve now added a feature that checks to make sure that you do in fact want to end your check-in without saving.

We’ve also made some small, but useful improvements to your dashboard. You can now see which well-being categories you’ve completed this week so that you know which ones you still need to complete.


Avail Care Center

We’ve been hard at work at Avail HQ, and we’re excited to share our most significant update yet. There are too many updates to mention here, so here are our top 5!

  1. Care Center: Aside from the beautiful redesign, we’ve funnelled all of your resources into one location. You may also see the addition of our two new partners: Maple and Inkblot. Feel free to try their online doctors-on-demand or digital counselling directly through your Care Center.

  2. Balance Score: A new way to visualize whether you are over or under recovering and are over or under stressed. Let’s find that balance!

  3. Check-ins: New check-ins allow you to answer in blocks of 4 questions to update each health insight. You don’t have to stop after completing one round, keep going!

  4. Articles: Includes a new layout and brand new topics. Feel free to explore! We’ve made many small changes to improve your experience and would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to respond to this message or send us a note by clicking the intercom button in the bottom corner of your screen.

  5. Notification Preferences: Finally, we have also made some improvements to our notification preferences so you can choose the time and day(s) on which you’ll be notified to check-in.

If you ever have any feedback or questions be sure to send us an email.
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