Mindfulness In Daily Life
How to incorporate mindfulness activities into your daily life.
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Mindfulness practice is not always revolutionary, but can still be challenging to work into our busy lives.

When a conscious effort is made to incorporate mindful activities into our day-to-day, a huge overall positive difference can result. Read through the list below and add in any strategies which you think would be a good fit for you:

  • Disconnect from your device - our smartphones and devices follow us everywhere we go and often work follows us home with emails and unrealistic deadlines. This becomes a constant distraction and doesn’t allow your mind the time it needs to recover. Turn off notifications whenever and wherever is feasible. Close laptops and leave phones on silent for an extended period of time and learn to cherish that time by spending time with friends/family or doing something that brings you joy. 
  • Take the time to sit down and eat your meals - Too many people eat in a rushed manner, on the run, in front of their computer or don’t eat at all. Give yourself the time and permission to relax, chew your food slowly and enjoy your meal in peace. This will give you a breather and help
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